2023 is the quincentennial of Luther's publication of "The Order of Divine Service in the Congregation." This text set into motion an evangelical reform of worship, which placed the Gospel at the center of worship rather than the medieval papal understanding of the Mass as a propitiation of the sins of the living and the dead. No longer was the Gospel silently read for perfunctory sacrifice–Luther wrote music for it to be proclaimed and sung in a tongue that the people could understand.

Luther wanted all people to recognize the voice of their Lord in their own language and so come to Him and receive His gifts and become partakers in His mysteries and glory. This is the focus of R2W's 2023 conference in October.

To help mark this quincentennial, we are hosting a number of Divine Services on the oft-forgotten "fixed feasts" of the Church year, which once held pride of place as principal festivals in the Lutheran Church. The schedule above provides the locations for these regional promotional Services. We hope to see you at one or more of these events!

Check out the Services we've celebrated this year:

Pentecost Service and Service Folder
Ascension Service and Service Folder
St. Mark's Day and Service Folder
Annunciation Service
and Service Folder 
 Presentation Service and Service Folder 
Epiphany Service and Service Folder