Join Return to Wittenberg for our seventh annual conference, Behold His Glory. Our presenters this year include the Rev. Jonathan Fisk, the Rev. Johann Caauwe, and the Rev. Dagan Siepert, with break-out sessions by the Rev. Jeffrey Hendrix and our own Kantor Daniel Baker.

You are guaranteed a weekend of spiritual edification, authentic Lutheran worship, and fellowship with your fellow Lutherans.


New in 2023: R2W Seminar

An academic seminar is a small-group session that convenes over a series of recurring meetings to really focus on a particular subject. In a seminar, everyone participates in discussion to share insights and ideas around the topic, rather than a lecture format.

Would you like an opportunity to get into the meat of our conference theme through intensive reading and discussion of texts related to our conference theme? If so, we invite you to come early before the formal conference and join us for our first annual Seminar! This year, we will "Behold His Glory" in four main sessions focused on readings from: the Bible, the Fathers, the Liturgy, and literature.

Reading materials will be sent out in advance for you to read ahead to get the most out of our discussions.

Seminar registration is limited to the first 12 registrants! Make sure you secure your spot by signing up early. The Seminar will take place from Thursday morning to Friday afternoon. Registration will include sleeping arrangements at the Sparrows Nest and meals. We will also pray the Divine Office together. It will be an edifying experience.


Conference Details


Note: Pastors have a duty to ensure that those who are admitted to the Altar of the Lord for Holy Communion are in a proper spiritual state to receive the Sacrament. Therefore, if you would like to receive the Sacrament, we ask that you please speak with the R2W Chaplain at some point prior to the Communion Service. Thank you for your cooperation.