Return to Wittenberg’s second annual conference will be in celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. The theme of the conference, “LIBERATED”, focuses on how Christ used the Lutheran Reformation to liberate us (set us free) from the slavery of corrupt church leadership – freeing us to confess Christ, worship Christ, and to serve Christ (as well as each other) in joy and love. Through in depth presentations and multiple worship opportunities, the freedom we have in Christ will be made relevant to many facets of our lives.


Conference Schedule

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Note: Pastors have a duty to ensure that those who are admitted to the Altar of the Lord for Holy Communion are in a proper spiritual state to receive the Sacrament. Therefore, if you would like to receive the Sacrament, we ask that you please announce your intention to commune to one of the conference Pastors during the allotted time for “Announcing for Holy Communion” before going to the Sacrament at the Opening Service, or at some other time during the conference if you would only like to commune at the closing Service. Thank you for your cooperation.