Join Return to Wittenberg for our fourth annual conference,
With Angels and Archangels.

This year especially, we give thanks to God for the ministry of His Holy Angels, who defend us from the “noisome pestilence” and “bear [us] up in their hands” (Psalm 91). Presentations will explore the cosmic spiritual battle that the Angels wage against the devil and his forces of evil.

In light of the pestilence of this year that deprived many of Holy Week celebrations, our Service themes will also include Good Friday and the Paschal Vigil.

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Information about our 2020 Conference!

Note: Pastors have a duty to ensure that those who are admitted to the Altar of the Lord for Holy Communion are in a proper spiritual state to receive the Sacrament. Therefore, if you would like to receive the Sacrament, we ask that you please speak with the Pastors of St. Paul’s at some point prior to the Communion Service. Thank you for your cooperation.