What Does This Mean?

What is the point of going to Church? Can’t I praise and thank God from anywhere – like in the comfort of my own home? I already believe in God. I’m basically a good person. Isn’t that enough?

R2W’s first annual conference will deal with these and other questions that Christian millennials struggle with by addressing the all-encompasing question posed by the Small Catechism: “What Does This Mean?”

We believe the answer to this question can be found in the Catechism’s Six Chief Parts – 1) the Ten Commandments, 2) the Creed, 3) the Lord’s Prayer, 4) Holy Baptism, 5) Confession, and 6) Holy Communion – which are the essence of the entire Christian faith. Our conference will use the Parts as an outline, around which all our worship, discussions, and presentations will be based.

Through the Six Chief Parts, we will discover that the meaning of all true Christian life and worship is found in Christ Jesus, the Incarnate God, and what He offers us through His Holy Spirit in the blessed Means of Grace.

Conference Schedule

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Participation in the Table of the Lord In respect for the Blessed Sacrament of our Lord’s Body and Blood and the pastoral duty to be faithful stewards of the Mysteries of God, we ask that only those who have presented themselves to the Celebrant prior to the Service receive the Holy Supper. It is the Pastor’s duty to ensure that only those who are properly prepared to receive the Lord’s Body and Blood come to the Altar; he will have to answer before the Judgment seat of Christ regarding those he allowed to the Lord’s Table. Those who have not made proper preparation may come forward with their arms crossed for a Pastoral blessing.